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Welcome to Drumless Split Songs ~~~

For over 30 years, I have offered my drum students at the Boulder Drum Studio the ability to practice songs by splitting them into two different channels.  The left channel contains the original artist's track with all the music.  The right channel contains the original artist's track without the drums.

Note: The two channels (with drums / without drums) from each song cannot be downloaded separately.

Just right click on the mp3 link to download each song.

Mobile Devices: For phones and tablets, press and hold down the "mp3" link and then save or copy the file to a folder.

Over time, and with a little practice, the drummer can then pan over to the channel without the drums and just play along with the drumless track.  If you have some recording gear, the drummer can also record his own drums along with the drumless track.

Another cool thing these tracks offer is the ability to perform music for friends, etc.  When wearing headphones you can listen to both tracks while only sending the drumless track to your PA system.  This is also great for student recitals.

FYI --- Mixing these two tracks can be time consuming and at times quite difficult.  With luck, it can sometimes take a half hour to complete a successful mix.  Other times it can take a few hours to get it just right.  Good thing I have patience and love what I do !!!


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